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COVID-19 Testing sites for travellers in El Salvador, Surf City, La Libertad and San Salvador. Rapid Tests & PCR Tests.

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El Salvador does not require PCR, Antigen or any other Covid-19 testing in order to enter the country. This is regardless of your country of origin or arrival. No Testing is required to enter El Salvador. No Vaccinations are required to enter El Salvador.

If you’d like to get vaccinated, the vaccine is widely available for free to anyone who wants it regardless of citizenship, tourists included. It is 100% voluntary and not required for any activities inside El Salvador. There are no vaccine passports or any restrictions for unvaccinated individuals in El Salvador at all. All businesses operate as normal with no capacity or hours of operation constraints.

We do not provide COVID-19 Testing of any sort and are not affiliated with any labs providing those tests. The following information is provided for your convenience, but we do not run any kind of COVID-19 tests, we are a real estate company. Visit our main website and explore beach properties for sale in El Salvador.


In the Surf City, La Libertad area (close to the city of Puerto de La Libertad, El Tunco, El Zonte and other beaches) there’s also covid testing available at the following location:

Laboratorio Clínico La Familia M & R: 3A AVENIDA NORTE Y CALLE EL CALVARIO, FRENTE A DEL SUR DE LA CIUDAD DE PUERTO DE LA LIBERTAD, LA LIBERTAD (Located in front of DEL SUR power company office in Puerto de la Libertad. Find them on Google or Facebook. M & R Lab in La Libertad, ask a local where DELSUR is. Office Hours: Mon – Sat 8 am – 4 pm. Closed at noon. 1 Hour results.

WhatsApp for $45 in-home or in-hotel COVID Antigen test by La Familia M & R Lab in La Libertad +503 6131 4368 or for directions to their lab.

Also now available COVID Antigen Testing at El Sunzal, minutes from El Tunco. Right past KAYU if you’re coming from El Tunco:

LABORATORIO CLINICO JUSARES – EL SUNZAL right past KAYU if you’re coming from El Zonte or El Tunco. Mon – Sat 7 AM – Noon. Results in 1 hour. Antigen only. No PCR. Phone: +503 7025-1047


Plenty of labs available in San Salvador and its metropolitan areas, find info on those below.

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We’re often asked by clients if it’s easy, fast and convenient to get a COVID-19 test prior to their return to their home countries. The short answer is yes. In San Salvador, the capital city, there are dozens if not more labs that will run a COVID test for you. Most labs have antigen tests available, averaging about $30- USD with same-day result delivery, often in two hours or less. For destinations that require a PCR test they are also available at the larger labs, with 24 hour result time, for around $100- USD. In the major cities and towns you can at least find antigen testing available. Your hotel can often schedule in-hotel testing for your party.

There are a total of 159 labs certified for COVID-19 Antigen testing, the full list with addresses here:

In San Salvador for Antigen testing: (Most also provide PCR testing for $95-120 USD)

  1. Max Bloch LABS. $25, schedule an appointment is by visiting their website. Walk ins welcome.
  2. Analiza: the cost is $25 and you don’t need to schedule an appointment. To consult their locations and operation hours, please visit their website. Walk ins welcome.
  3. Pro-Familia: the cost is $20 and you don’t need to schedule an appointment, they are open 24/7. To consult their location, please visit the following website. Its a hospital downtown San Salvador, 24/7. Antigen testing.
  4. Laboratorio Centro de Diagnostico: the cost is $25 Please visit their website to consult their locations and operations hours. 

The following hotels offer in-house testing, usually a lab visiting at a set hour every morning, check with the front desk:

Sheraton Presidente San Salvador

Barceló San Salvador

Crowne Plaza San Salvador

Holiday Inn San Salvador

Marriott Courtyard San Salvador

The following malls have testing sites: Estación del Casco, Plaza Villavicencio

Hospitals with available testing 24/7: Hospital de Diagnostico (both Escalon and Colonia Medica locations have 24/7 labs), Hospital de la Mujer. PCR Tests also available.

We also recommend all ANALIZA locations, all MAX BLOCH locations, PARAVIDA also has multiple locations in the city as they provide reliable testing with results in two hours or less. We’ve noticed many foreigners end up getting a test at ProFamilia Hospital, nothing wrong with that but it’s a longer drive since it’s not close to the hotels. 

Again these are just recommendations and we are a Real Estate Agency not affiliated with any of these labs.